Our Philosophy

Sea Kayaking should be FUN!  Living in this area means we have the opportunity to paddle in a world renowned location, and we want you to enjoy learning the skills that will give you a foundation from which to grow and expand you ability to enjoy everything the San Juan Islands and greater Cascadia waters have to offer.

For us, sea kayaking is a way of life and an activity we enjoy in all seasons.  From early morning or evening paddles on calm waters, to the rollicking turbulence of Deception Pass; from an easy trip to enjoy a picnic on a beautiful beach, to dangling a line in search of fish, to seeing wildlife closer than you might ever be able while on foot, to a multi-day “expedition,” or a cardio workout, kayaking can bring you endless hours of enjoyment and a lifetime of activity.

Our teaching methods and years of experience have earned us a reputation as supportive, enabling instructors.  We never forget that some aspects of sea kayaking may be intimidating to some, and we are sensitive to those concerns.  To address those worries, we have developed techniques to minimize stress, techniques which have proven to work.  Should you be worried about any aspect of paddling, please let us know, so we can work with you to put your mind at ease.

We thoroughly enjoy introducing you to this wonderful sport and working with you to take those initial strokes and then aiding you with further refinement and development of technique.  Along the way, we’re also happy (as unrepentant “gear heads”) to offer educated advice on how to equip yourself with quality boat(s), gear, and clothing to maximize your FUN.

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