Where We Teach

Sea Kayak Bellingham Bay, Lake Whatcom, Lake Padden, Deception Pass, and other areas of the northern Puget Sound. The location of your class depends upon class content, weather conditions, and your input.  More advanced classes may take place at other locations in our region such as Bowman Bay, Canoe Pass, and Burrows and Allan Islands.  We reserve the right to make decisions affecting location of, cancelling, postponing, or otherwise altering classes based on our assessment of conditions.  For more information on our teaching locations, please also visit our Maps and Directions page.

We do teach year around, not just during the summer months.

Mount Baker     Bowman Bay     Deception Pass     Kayak Bellingham Bay     Deception Pass Bridge     Sunset on Bellingham Bay     Kayak Bellingham Bay     Kayak Bellingham Bay     Moon at Sunset - Kayak Bellingham Bay     Learning to Paddle in Canoe Pass Currents     Bellingham Bay Near Post Point     Alaska Ferry - Kayak Bellingham Bay     Bellingham Dry Dock and Lummi Island in the Distance     Burrows Lighthouse     Chuckanut Bay     Lake Whatcom Morning Beach     Lake Whatcom - Lumber Pilings     Wildcat Cove    Practicing Balance Brace at Lake Padden     Lake Padden at Sunset


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