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Sea Kayak Lessons in WildCat Cove

We love teaching sea kayak lessons to beginner and intermediate paddlers.  Some people think sea kayaking is an “elite” sport.  In reality, sea kayaking can be a life-long activity that nearly anyone can enjoy.  The range of experiences you can take pleasure in is limited only by your imagination and skill set.  Sea kayak lessons from SSKS can help you build a solid foundation of basic techniques, provide you with necessary safety training and practice, and open your mind to the possibilities available to you.  What you learn in the beautiful paddling region around Bellingham, WA will work for nearly all your sea kayaking experiences anywhere in the world.

We want you to have fun and the get most from your time with us!  Because of this, we specialize in private sea kayak lessons and limit our group class enrollments to a maximum of 5 students.  You can sign up for any one of the classes listed on this site, or we can tailor the curriculum to meet your needs.  Since we can tailor your classes to fit your needs, customization is most definitely not a problem.  For those of you who like a “pre-planned” format, we offer classes covering The Essentials, Rescues, Advanced Strokes and Maneuvers, and Challenging Water.  For more information on these classes, simply select the course title from the drop down menu.

Please check our Class Calendar for currently scheduled courses.

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