Rolling a Sea Kayak

Practicing Rolling and Balance Braces

Practicing Rolling and Balance Braces

Students often ask, “Can you teach me how to roll?”  The answer is “Yes!” Rolling a sea kayak is fun and can be a great skill to learn.

We believe the best way to teach the kayak roll is with two-on-one instruction or two instructors per student. Our experience has shown that private rolling lessons reduce frustration and fatigue while ensuring higher rates of success.

While it’s optimal for rolling students to have their own sea kayak (proper fit being vital) and other gear, we can provide all the equipment you need upon request and no additional charge. We can teach you to roll with either a Euro paddle (conventional big blade) or with a Greenland-style paddle (aka “stick).  All rolling classes will be taught on Lake Whatcom.  We do not offer pool sessions at this time.

Rolling a kayak is an advanced skill, which requires body position awareness, proper mechanics, and comfort with being upside down and under water for a few seconds while setting up and performing the roll itself.

Is having a roll essential for safely kayaking in the Salish Sea?  The answer to that is “No,” but being able to roll does provide an extra margin of safety.  For some, rolling can be a very enjoyable part of our sport.  There are even competitions in rolling technique.  But, most of all, rolling is really, freaking, cool, and who doesn’t want bragging rights?

PRICE:  $125 per 1.5 hour session

*Rates are in US Dollars. 8.7% Sales Tax Will be Added to Cart Total

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