The Essentials of Sea Kayaking

Our Essentials of Sea Kayaking class is meant for beginners who want to learn to safely paddle and explore the marine environment on their own.  Topics covered by this course include the following subjects:

Beautiful Day for a Sea Kayaking Class

Learning the Essentials

Learning about the kayak (key terms and concepts)

The paddle (the parts and how to hold and use it properly)

Lifting and carrying

Getting into and out of the kayak (hopefully without falling in the water!)

Life Jackets (importance, selecting, fitting)

Forward, Reverse, Stopping, Turning & Other Strokes and Maneuvers

Wet Exit (getting out in event of capsize)

Self-Rescue using a paddle float

Assisted Rescue

This is a 10 hour class which is best spread over a 3 week period (3 sessions of 3+ hours each) but may be scheduled to fit other arrangements and your schedule.  Please check our Class Calendar for currently scheduled courses.

Price: $200 per student, based on a group of 2-4 students. 

Private Rate: $250.

*Rates are in US Dollars.  8.7% Sales Tax Will be Added to Cart Total

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