Sea Kayaking the Summer Solstice – Moon Jellies, Seals, and More

Sea Kayaking Hale Passage

Sea Kayaking Hale Passage and Lummi Island’s West Side

Summer has arrived! To celebrate, we had a Summer Solstice Paddle on Monday evening the 20th. Departing from Gooseberry Point and paddling all the way to the entrance of Legoe Bay, on Lummi Island’s west side, we had smooth waters through Hale Passage and just a little wind chop on the way back. The sunset was gorgeous and the full moon rising as we were loading up at the end of the paddle was the perfect cap to a great evening.

We saw some lion’s mane jellyfish, lots of moon jellies, eagles, kingfishers, harbor seals (one of which was seen chowing down on a fish dinner), and a congregation of river otters. The otters, 7 or 8 of them, scampered off a tiny patch of sand and swam ahead of us for several hundred years, “spy hopping” and grunting at our presence.

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